Sappi was formed in South Africa in 1936 to serve South African consumers with locally produced papers.  Today Sappi works closely with customers, both direct and indirect, in over 100 countries to provide them with relevant and sustainable paper, paper-pulp and chemical cellulose products and related services and innovations.

Key facts about Sappi include:

Sappi is the world’s largest manufacturer of specialised cellulose exporting around the world from its Saiccor Mill in KwaZulu Natal (KZN). Recent expansion projects at its Ngodwana Mill in Mpumalanga and its Cloquet Mill in the USA has further strengthened this leadership position.

Sappi Forests supplies 70% of the wood requirements of Sappi Southern Africa from both its own, as well as managed commercial timber plantations of 554,000 hectares, currently with more than 35 million tons of standing timber.  All Sappi-grown or managed timber is Forest Stewardship CouncilTM (FSCTM) and ISO 9000 certified.

Approximately 150 000 hectares of Sappi’s plantation land is protected and managed by Sappi Forests to conserve the natural habitat and biodiversity found there, including indigenous forests and wetlands.

Lereko and AMB Capital are part of a BEE Consortium who, in addition to being Sappi shareholders, are also part of a joint venture to develop Sappi land not currently being used for Sappi’s core operations.