AMB Capital is an independent financial services group specialising in principal equity investing, global financial markets trading and advisory services. Since inception in 1995, its long and successful track record has been built on a partnership ethos of creating long term capital appreciation for all stakeholders. AMB Capital operates out of offices in Johannesburg, South Africa and Dublin, Ireland and is regulated by the Financial Services Conduct Authority in South Africa.

The core values which underpin AMB Capital’s business are:


  • We set demanding and challenging performance standards for ourselves and our colleagues.
  • We aim to be the best in each area in which we operate.
  • We are a meritocracy who reward and promote based on value add.


  • We aim to continually improve on our benchmarks.
  • We are contrarian investors who seek opportunity where it is not immediately obvious, often flying in the face of general consensus.
  • We try to be nimble and react to opportunities ahead of conventional trends.


  • We conduct ourselves in order to engender trust.
  • We are firm but fair in our dealings with our stakeholders.
  • We seek partners with similar values.

Mutual respect

  • We believe in the power of the individual to make a difference.
  • We expect individuals to assume responsibility and accountability for their actions.
  • We endorse a team approach and accept that the team is only as strong as its weakest link.


  • We aim to create long term relationships based on trust.
  • We aim to balance the interests of all stakeholders.


  • We gain satisfaction from completing difficult tasks that demand our best.
  • We embrace the collective achievements of the team and the wealth creation that results there from


  • We aim to preserve capital and compound real returns over time.